Kaaba Rose Water Co

Commercial and industrial company of Kaaba Rose Water with the registration number of 3153, has been producing and selling the best rose water and distillates in the area of Kashan and particularly Qamsar for around half a century. Thanks to the great God, it managed to be recognized as a premier and distinctive brand nationally and somehow internationally. It could also satisfy all of the customers. In addition, it could create hundreds of job opportunities and enhance agricultural products in order to help the economy of the region. On the other hand, it managed to provide high-quality distillates to satisfy the growing tendency of our compatriot toward herbs.

We hope to be able to provide the best and foremost rose water and distillates to gain public’s trust so that they can use herbs more and replace some of them with chemical medicine. As a result, millions of dollars would be saved annually and we would have served our people and country in this way.